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Mission possible: Sustainable and responsible forestry

More and more corporate leaders are realising that sequestering carbon and helping to save biodiversity is important for all businesses. Even essential. Timber users need ecologically responsible wood from non-clearcut Close-to-Nature forestry.

Innofor offers the world's most advanced projects for scope 3 forest carbon sequestration and the most ecological timber commercially ever produced. Join us - and become Beyond the Ordinary.

Current normal forestry

Innofor's Continuous Cover Forestry

For businesses: Mitigate your climate and environmental impact

Whether you're a timber user or not, we at Innofor invite you to sit and talk with us about mitigating your climate and nature impacts in ways that will speak to your clients.

For all businesses

For forest owners and timber users: Get ecologically certified timber and carbon credits

As a forest owner, you can join the world's first Close-to-Nature forest certification system as well as generate carbon credits. As a buyer, you achieve a new level in sustainability.

For forest owners and timber users